All of DIVI’s power in a single plugin

divi plugin builder

Use Divi as a plugin!

Picture yourself using all of the power inside the DIVI wordpress theme on another theme. That is what the DIVI plugin builder is for.

design divi infini

Endless possibilities

Thanks to the DIVI Builder plugin, you can take control of every element displayed on your page. It is the perfect way to customize your website as you wish.

utilisable sur tous les themes

Compatible with all the themes

DIVI builder plugin’s power resides in its ability to be used on each and every WordPress theme on the market right now. There is no reason to step back any longer.

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Master your design from A to Z

Control your blocs’ vertical white space

If you feel the blocs are to close from each other, have no worries. Thanks to the DIVI Builder plugin you will be able to take matters in your own hands and manage the vertical white space without difficulties.

Control your blocs’ horizontal white space


Horizontal spacing management works the same way as the vertical one. The DIVI Builder plugin will help you design a page with user experience as the number 1 priority.


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Drag & Drop made simple with the DIVI plugin

Struggling with your administration panel in order to customize your web page is outdated. Say hello to “Drag and Drop”. This DIVI Builder plugin built-in feature will help you a great deal with your design. If you are not a coder, needless to say this will become your best friend.

Add, edit and delete blocs as you wish with the visual editor. The interface is broken up into rows and columns in order to understand and manage your content without difficulties. The right-click is also enabled to improve user experience.

divi plugin drag and drop

Try the DIVI Builder plugin

sauvegarde plugin divi

Create back-ups easily

You have spent countless hours to build your website and are scared to lose everything in a matter of seconds? With a single click, you will be able to back-up and export all of your work in order to use it on another website.

Try the DIVI Builder plugin

How much does it cost?


Developer Package

The Developer Package grants you 3 more features than the Personal Package

  • Help Desk
  • Photoshop files included
  • Full access to the plugin

If your wish is to deeply customize DIVI WordPress theme while benefiting from a technical support then this Package will fit your needs.

It is the best price/quality ratio for WordPress themes on the market. Plus, it doesn’t only give you access to the DIVI Builder plugin but to the Monarch too !