DIVI WordPress theme

The most powerful and affordable WordPress theme. Build a website with advanced features and a well-crafted design easily.

Why choose the DIVI WordPress Theme?

Sites vitrines

Showcase website

DIVI is the perfect solution to help you build a website. Whether you need a personal blog or a business-oriented website, everything is well thought out in order to let you custom your future website easily.



The DIVI WordPress theme includes tools and elements for those of you who desire to add a shopping section to their website. Selling products on the web has never been simpler.



The DIVI Page Builder natively supports a portfolio add-on if your goal is to display your work. Enable it, upload your files and you’re good to go!

pret a l'usage

Ready to use

The DIVI WordPress theme comes with more than 10 pre-made beautiful layouts and templates to let you create your website in a blink of an eye.

Why should I choose between a theme and an add-on?

DIVI is a WordPress theme…

You haven’t started your website yet? The DIVI WordPress theme will help you with that. Set it up and jump-start your project! Its extensive range of features will solve all of your problems.

And it’s an add-on too!

You’re already using a theme? That’s okay. Just use the DIVI Page Builder and you will be able to use the same features comprised in the original WordPress theme.

The DIVI WordPress automatically fits to any screen size, regardless of the device.

There’s no need to use a plug-in or call a freelancer anymore. DIVI is entirely responsive which means it will always adjust to the screen it’s being displayed.

Whether you are browsing on a tablet, a smartphone or at home on your computer, your website will always be user-friendly thanks to DIVI.

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Lifetime subscription

Pay only once and you’re good for life!
  • Full access to all of the WordPress themes, including DIVI
  • Themes update assured
  • Help desk included
  • Access to the plugins
  • Photoshop files incorporated
  • No annual fees
Deal of the century!

Which subscription should I choose?



ElegantThemes’ “Developer” licence offers 3 additional features compared to the “Personal” licence :

  • Help Desk
  • Plug-in access
  • Photoshop layers provided

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and dive into the code while fully taking advantage of the help desk then the “Developer” licence is the perfect fit for you.

It is the best price-quality ratio on the market right now!

licence vie

Lifetime subscription

As its name suggests, pay only once for your ElegantThemes membership and you will benefit from everything the platform has to offer:

  • Help desk
  • Themes updates
  • Graphic resources

You are set for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use themes on different websites?

You are free to use ElegantThemes’ themes on as many websites as you wish. There is no restriction at all regarding how many times you download themes or how you want to use them.

How does the ElegantThemes’ refund policy work?

ElegantThemes’ policy is not restrictive on that matter. Simply send a mail asking for a refund within 30 days following your payment. You don’t even have to justify your decision.

This policy can be explained by their drive of providing people the best customer experience possible.

What does “Photoshop file” mean?

As you can see in the pricing table, ElegantTheme offers 2 kinds of membership: Personal and Developer.

On one hand, the “Personal” licence is here to help those who want to build a website without any customization. On the other hand, the “Developer” licence is recommended if you wish to fully customize your website. This gives you access to the Photoshop resources and work on them as long as you own the software.

Can I upgrade my licence?

Of course! You can do so anytime you want. If you have subscribed to the “Personal” licence, you can choose to change it to a “Developer” membership through your dashboard.