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The most powerful and affordable WordPress theme. Build a website with advanced features and a well-crafted design easily.

Why choose the DIVI WordPress Theme?

Sites vitrines

Showcase website

DIVI is the perfect solution to help you build a website. Whether you need a personal blog or a business-oriented website, everything is well thought out in order to let you custom your future website easily.


The DIVI WordPress theme includes tools and elements for those of you who desire to add a shopping section to their website. Selling products on the web has never been simpler.


The DIVI Page Builder natively supports a portfolio add-on if your goal is to display your work. Enable it, upload your files and you’re good to go!
pret a l'usage

Ready to use

The DIVI WordPress theme comes with more than 10 pre-made beautiful layouts and templates to let you create your website in a blink of an eye.

Why should I choose between a theme and an add-on?

DIVI is a WordPress theme…

You haven’t started your website yet? The DIVI WordPress theme will help you with that. Set it up and jump-start your project! Its extensive range of features will solve all of your problems.

And it’s an add-on too!

You’re already using a theme? That’s okay. Just use the DIVI Page Builder and you will be able to use the same features comprised in the original WordPress theme.

The DIVI WordPress automatically fits to any screen size, regardless of the device.

There’s no need to use a plug-in or call a freelancer anymore. DIVI is entirely responsive which means it will always adjust to the screen it’s being displayed.

Whether you are browsing on a tablet, a smartphone or at home on your computer, your website will always be user-friendly thanks to DIVI.

divi responsive design


Lifetime subscription

Pay only once and you’re good for life!
  • Full access to all of the WordPress themes, including DIVI
  • Themes update assured
  • Help desk included
  • Access to the plugins
  • Photoshop files incorporated
  • No annual fees

Which subscription should I choose?



ElegantThemes’ “Developer” licence offers 3 additional features compared to the “Personal” licence :

  • Help Desk
  • Plug-in access
  • Photoshop layers provided

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and dive into the code while fully taking advantage of the help desk then the “Developer” licence is the perfect fit for you.

It is the best price-quality ratio on the market right now!

licence vie

Lifetime subscription

As its name suggests, pay only once for your ElegantThemes membership and you will benefit from everything the platform has to offer:

  • Help desk
  • Themes updates
  • Graphic resources

You are set for life!

Review of the Divi WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes is proud to present the long-awaited release of version 3 of its 87th WordPress theme. You’ll discover that you won’t have to look anywhere else for the ultimate WordPress theme! Divi 3 introduces a brand new version of its WordPress customizer that allows you to personalize all the elements of your pages in real time.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s look together at all the possibilities that Divi 3 offers with visuals!

divi-top divi-bottomdivi-middledivi-footer

Features of the DIVI 3 WordPress theme:

Real time design:

With a React JS engine, your changes will be made live. There’s no need to use back end or to toggle between different preview screens, everything is done right before your eyes. It offers you a whole new world of possibilities.

Personally, I love not having to wait several minutes to see a preview of my work.

“Click & type” editing:

In earlier versions, adding text meant that you had to use WordPress’ back end and then Divi to add a text block. Now you can click on a spot on your page, start typing and the text area appears as if by magic.

Advanced customization:

With Divi 3 you’ll be able to customize all the elements of your page on the fly. If you don’t like the color or the spacing between different elements, no need to worry, you can always change it.

Responsive design changes:

No need to give yourself a headache just to find out if your changes will be visible on a smartphone or tablet, with Divi 3 everything is done intuitively. Isn’t that great news?

Let’s take a tour of the DIVI WordPress theme from Elegant Themes

The DIVI WordPress theme is a game-changer in many ways. Unlike many other WordPress themes that offer pre-defined page templates, Divi is based on an innovative concept: it lets you be the one to create the perfect page using a page builder.

The concept of Elegant Themes’ Page Builder is exciting because it lets you move around text blocks, articles and other kinds of pages using a drag and drop feature. Imagine being able to quickly build a web site that reflects who you are without having to write a single line of code! Divi is a real breakthrough for even the most inexperienced users. You’ll no longer have to install plugins to layout blocks of your site; Divi from Elegant Themes will do it all natively.

The Divi theme’s other options reflect the reliability of its San Francisco developers. Divi has its own code, which is always desirable for search engines. In fact, Elegant Themes codes its themes so well that nothing can interfere with its indexing or cause any other serious problems.


There’s no shortage of customizations with the Divi WordPress theme! Not only can you can choose your web site’s typeface but also the color of the elements that go into it!

If you’re afraid that your web site made with the Divi WordPress theme won’t make a good impression with visitors viewing your page on a smart phone—no worries! Elegant Themes has thought of everything and you can rest assured that Divi is Responsive Design.

As a result, your site will look great on a tablet, smartphone and Minitel :p
Divi’s versatility remains its greatest strength. With the Divi WordPress theme Page builder, you’ll also be able to create a portfolio, a business-focused site or even an e-commerce web site. You’ll be impressed by the versatility of this new theme from Elegant Themes.


Divi 3.0: What’s in store!

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of DIVI WordPress theme version 3.0 and with good reason. Elegant Themes will allow you to do some pretty wild things and together we’ll see the new features and technical guidance of the latest version of DIVI.

Online visual editor:

This feature has been highly anticipated by those who want to push the envelope a bit further when it comes to customizing their web site. It’s true that most WordPress themes today offer many customization options but everything is done on the back end. It’s not necessarily very intuitive and most people will give up very quickly (like me!) Divi 3.0 offers a different approach, similar to certain new WordPress frameworks (for example Qards by Designmodo). You’ll be able to work on each element of your website but on the front end. If you also want to use a different typeface for the title, the header or any paragraph, then you can!

Divi 2.6: What’s new!

Responsive Design that’s adaptable by device:

This new feature might seem a bit strange but it’s worth checking out. Now you can finally take control of the elements during automatic resizing on smartphones or tablets.
For example, you can decide to change the size of the title of your article on a smartphone or simply not have certain modules appear at all on tablets only. A real convenience!

responsive-controls-small disable-on-small

Two new headers:

At last DIVI 2.6 offers a bit more flexibility in customizing your web site’s header! Gone are the traditional headers and you can finally bring a touch of innovation to your web site:

  • Slide in Header:


  • Full Screen Header:


A button module (at last!): Up until now, inserting buttons on DIVI required using a bit of cunning: you either had to use CSS or a plugin. In a word, let’s just say it was annoying. At last DIVI 2.6.1 gives you a bit more of a chance to customize these notorious buttons!


Comments module: With DIVI 2.6.1 you can decide to place the comments section wherever the mood strikes you. If you feel like having the comments appear above your articles, you’re free to do so!
You can also customize the appearance of the comments module in a way that is best suited for your web site!

Search module: The most exciting new feature of DIVI 2.6.1 is without a doubt the flexibility of using the search module outside the normal widget area. From now on you’ll be able to install a search bar within a page, as you see fit. The icing on the cake is that you can still customize the design of your search bar.

New and improved contact form: One of the biggest improvements of DIVI 2.6 involves the contact form. Elegant Themes has put extra emphasis on the following points:

  • Customized fields: This version of the form supports customized fields which will allow you to create unique contact forms
  • Spam detection: In addition to the standard Captcha, Elegant Themes has implemented a Honeypot (I’ll let you find out more on Wikipedia)
  • Customized messages: You can now personalize your contact form’s messages
  • URL redirection: Once a user has clicked on the confirm button you can redirect them to a URL of your choice
  • Customized confirmation message: Once your user has fulfilled all the requirements and the form has been confirmed, you can choose which message will be displayed!


E-panel update!: The latest innovation involves a relic from the past: the E-panel. Having had the same look since the creation of the first WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, the control panel has now had a major facelift

Divi 2.5: What’s new!

With each new version of Divi, Elegant Themes spoils us more and more and Divi version 2.5 is no exception to the rule! Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features.

Undo & Redo: With this new feature, you’ll be able to undo or redo actions done in Divi Builder quite easily. For example, if you have erased a module by mistake you’ll be able to go back, which is significant. Watch the demo below and you’ll have a better idea of what we mean.


Revision history: Elegant Themes offers an amazing feature that’s just like a Time Machine from Apple. Divi now keeps track of all the edits you make to your web site. On top of that, if ever you mess up during an editing session, you still have the opportunity to go back in time by restoring a previous version.

Live Preview: There’s nothing more frustrating than having to save your work and then having to open a new window to see the fruits of your labor. Divi 2.5 overcomes this deficiency which is present in many builders. With this new version you’ll be able to have a live preview of your work. Not too bad, right?


Omnipresent Responsive Design: Unless you’ve been living in the Orion galaxy, you’re surely aware that Responsive Design is now a must-have feature. Divi offers buttons that will allow you to quickly visualize the progress of your work on a PC, tablet or smartphone

Divi translations:

As you know, most WordPress themes are in English. With Divi, Elegant Themes has made an effort to offer version 2.5 of its best-seller translated into more than 26 different languages!

As you can see, Divi is a WordPress theme that is powerful, functional and inexpensive. With a cost of only 0.75 €, it’s practically free!

In fact with a basic membership with Elegant Themes for only 89 dollars, each theme (87 for the moment) costs only 0.75 €! Very economical, don’t you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use themes on different websites?
You are free to use ElegantThemes’ themes on as many websites as you wish. There is no restriction at all regarding how many times you download themes or how you want to use them.
How does the ElegantThemes’ refund policy work?

ElegantThemes’ policy is not restrictive on that matter. Simply send a mail asking for a refund within 30 days following your payment. You don’t even have to justify your decision.

This policy can be explained by their drive of providing people the best customer experience possible.

What does “Photoshop file” mean?

As you can see in the pricing table, ElegantTheme offers 2 kinds of membership: Personal and Developer.

On one hand, the “Personal” licence is here to help those who want to build a website without any customization. On the other hand, the “Developer” licence is recommended if you wish to fully customize your website. This gives you access to the Photoshop resources and work on them as long as you own the software.

Can I upgrade my licence?
Of course! You can do so anytime you want. If you have subscribed to the “Personal” licence, you can choose to change it to a “Developer” membership through your dashboard.